IKEA online ordering & delivery in Northern Ireland

IKEA™ Online shopping service to all over Ireland. We are an independent 3rd party who will take your order, collect your items from IKEA™ Belfast, deliver straight to your door and assemble your items at a time that suits you – all at a low cost.

Step 1

Select your items via IKEA™ catalogue or website

Step 2

Transfer the funds & delivery fees to us via cheque or bank transfer

Step 3

Your items will be collected and delivered by us

Budget Prices

Ideal for smaller orders that you don’t need straight away. We perform a budget delivery service every 1-2 weeks with delivery fees starting as low as £10. The next budget delivery day is Tuesday 28th February

Northern Ireland

Your Items Delivery Cost
Up to £50 £10
£51 – £100 £15
£101 – £200 £20
£201 – £300 £25
£301 – £400 £30
£401 – £500 £35
Over £500 Use Express

Express Prices

Need your furniture urgently, or delivered on a specific day? Then use our express delivery service. We can deliver on the same day you order, or any date and time of your choice (subject to availability).

Inside Belfast Area

BT1 - 18, BT23, BT27 - 29, BT36 - 39

Your Items Delivery Cost
Up to £150 £25
£151 – £250 £30
£251 – £500 £35
£501 – £1000 £50
Over £1000 £70

Outside Belfast Area

BT19 - 22, BT24 - 26, BT30 - 35, BT40 - 94

Your Items Delivery Cost
Up to £150 £40
£151 – £250 £50
£251 – £500 £60
£501 – £1000 £80
Over £1000 £100

Delivery Service

We can arrange a delivery date that suits your schedule. Evening or weekend deliveries are no problem. If you are looking your items urgently we can even do same day delivery.

Delivery Times


11am - 10pm


11am - 10pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you collect Items from anywhere other than IKEA™?

Yes, we can collect from other stores. Please get in touch with further details and we can make arrangements.

Do you deliver to the Republic of Ireland?

Yes, but all payments must be made in pound sterling. An additional delivery fee on top of the highest Northern Ireland rate will be added to cover the additional time and fuel it will take to travel to you. Prices are as follows:

Carlow – £50
Cavan – £20
Clare – £65
Cork – £75
Donegal – £20
Dublin – £45
Galway – £50
Kerry – £75
Kildare – £40
Kilkenny – £55
Laois – £50
Leitrim – £35
Limerick – £70
Longford – £45
Louth – £20
Mayo – £50
Meath – £40
Monaghan – £15
Offaly -£50
Roscommon – £45
Sligo – £35
Tipperary – £65
Waterford – £70
Westmeath – £45
Wexford – £65
Wicklow – £55

Can you assemble my items upon delivery?

Yes, at an extra cost of £25 per hour. Some items may require more than one person to build. Please advise if there will be someone available to help or if we need to bring an additional assembler

I would like to return my item. Can you do this and is there a cost?

Yes, items can be returned in accordance with Ikea’s return policies We cannot refund the cost of delivery. A further delivery cost to return the items will be applied – usually the same as it cost to deliver the items originally.

What happens if my item goes out of stock before you collect it?

You will be contacted if this happens and given two options. 1) You can wait until the item is back in stock and we will deliver it then 2) You can get a full refund for both the items and delivery costs.

I would like to claim VAT back on my IKEA™ purchase. Can I do this if I order through you?

Yes. The only payment that is made directly to us is the delivery fee. The money for items is simply being held by us to make a purchase with IKEA™ on your behalf. We will supply you with the purchase receipt.

What happens if the item price changes after I've placed an order but before you have collected it?

If the item has gone up in price you must supply us with the additional funds or cancel the order. If the price has reduced we will refund you any savings.

What if my item is damaged during delivery?

We will take every precaution to ensure your items are not damaged during transport. In the unlikely event that damage does occur we will purchase and deliver a replacement at no extra charge as we have insurance to cover this. Please inspect your items for damage upon delivery as we cannot accept liability for any damage reported later.

Do you accept payment via credit card or PayPal?

No. Credit cards and PayPal payments charge the merchant a percentage of the transaction. We do not make any profit on the cost of items, only the delivery fee. In some cases the transaction fees could almost be as much as our delivery fees.

Payment via bank transfer or cheque does not incur any transaction fees and this is our preferred method payment.

Assembly Service

We can build all types of flatpack furniture for the home, office and garden.

Work is carried out in a timely fashion, and to a high standard. We charge £25 per hour.

What our Clients say

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Please use the form below to place an order. Item codes can be found on the IKEA™ website or catalogue. Go there to get the item codes of the products you want. Copy & paste the item codes into the item code field (below) and click the add button. Click the Place Order button when you’re finished We will confirm your items are in stock and send payment instructions. You can pay via Bank Transfer or cheque

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